5 Evergreen SEO Techniques That Can Grow Your Small Business In 2019

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Search engine optimization plays a significant role in the success of a business — whether big, mid-sized or small business. And its promotional prowess cannot be overdramatized.

There are so many SEO techniques that can be used to boost your small business, but here are five evergreen techniques that can grow your small business better.

#1 Blogging:

Yes, blogging is an evergreen seo technique that works for any business, provided it is done properly. In fact, if your small business blog is updated regularly with relevant and helpful blog posts for your target audience, your website will surely rank well on search engines like google etc.

There are so many small businesses online that are not getting worthwhile results from their blogs due to lack of consistency, bad blog management and so on; meanwhile, have it in mind that blogging is an effective SEO tactic and it can earn you the following benefits if managed properly;

a. It keeps your website current and refreshing.

b. A good blog keeps your visitors longer — they find it helpful, so they keep surfing for more information especially when your content are in-depth and highly informative.

c. With your blog, there is room for internal linking.

d. A good blog with great content naturally gets other blogs to link back to it.

e. A great blog naturally connects to its audience and also convert its visitors to long term customers.

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#2 Infographics:

In this age of information overload, infographics have proven to be one of the most effective seo tactics small businesses can implement to grab their target customers attention with its short, sharp and visual facts.

Long before now, infographics aren’t regarded that much, but today, it has proven to be one of the easiest ways to land links on your website.

Why do you need to adopt this technique you may ask…? Well,

1. Aside from saving time and stress, it serves as an attention grabber.

2. Psychology has proven that the human brain process visual information faster than text: Research has it that we process visuals 60,000 times faster than text. So, as a small business owner, it’s smart to implement this tactic and use it to present content regarding your small business — from how to’s, guide, data related information and so on.

3. Infographics are not only easy to digest, they can also be use to present visual stories.

4. It also earn natural linking — marketers, bloggers and so on easily link back to it.

5. More importantly, it positions you as an expert and also help to boost the sales of your product or service.

#3 Creative link building :

This is another evergreen seo technique that still do wonders. The importance of creative link building cannot be overdramatized that is why great marketers and business owners doesn’t joke with it. They use it to not only drive traffic to their site, but also to boost their blog authority.

While link building is all about getting other sites to link back to your site (in this case your small business site), it is also an indicator to Google that your site is a great resource for citation. So, as a smart small business owner, it is wise to engage in natural link building if you want your website and small business to thrive for a long-term.

Organic link building is all about earning links naturally, and not paying or buying to be linked to.

On the contrary, if you happen to get links using unscrupulous tactics, your site might just get banned.

Note: To get natural links from authoritative site is not that simple especially for small businesses or startups; but with the right guest blogging services it is achievable.

Now, how do you position your blog to get other sites to link back to it naturally?

By creating a compelling, high quality, result driven, unique  and easy to read content for your blog. In fact, when all these qualities are perceived from the articles written on your blog, it naturally becomes a source people reference and link back to while writing for other blogs or media.

But if your content is perceived to be generic, crappy and challenging to comprehend; it will neither be linked back to nor will it earn any rank.  (Learn more on the basic of quality link building)

#4 Helpful commenting:

Do commenting affect SEO? Even if it does, is it of any benefit to my blog?

These are the major questions many marketers, business owners, bloggers ask a lot.

Well, quality commenting does affect SEO. It does not only allow you to exercise your expertise on the field, it sometimes drive people to your site to learn more about your small business.

Commenting shouldn’t be done on your blog alone; you should also spread your feathers — by visiting other related niches to give your comment on their articles. Let your comments serve as a guide, not something generic like —

‘’Great content, Sam!’’ I’m not saying that you shouldn’t appreciate great content, but something like ‘’Great content, Sam! You did a great job especially on point 3, but i think it’s best if you include ……… thanks.” This will be more impactful, and probably drive in more traffic into your site. Which is pretty much good for SEO.

On the other hand, if comments on your blog looks insulting and spammy, it won’t look good in the eyes of Google, and it might even ruin the content itself.  So, be mindful of the comments you allow on your blog.

Note: Use a good commenting system on your website.

#5 Leverage the power of online reviews:

So many businesses especially startups take this technique for granted. Well, if you’re in this category, i’d advise you change such mindset. Quality review is very important especially for small businesses.

Do you know that over 88% of customers rely on online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendation from friends?

In this age where almost all businesses are present online, coupled with the high level of competition, customers tend to trust the positive reviews about brand before making any purchase.

So, as a small business owner, i’d advise you start working on your online product review because it will earn you the following:

a.It will strengthen your credibility online.

b.A positive review has the potential to boost sales of product.

c.It can as well drive avalanche traffic to your website.

d.Quality reviews can improve SEO.

e.It naturally spreads your brand all over the world.

In conclusion, the above five SEO techniques are still evergreen and can still do wonders for your small business — real estate, loans, thrifty, tech and so on.

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