5 Practical Ways to Skyrocket Your Startup/Small Business Blog Traffic and Leads

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Is your startup blog generating as many traffic and leads as it should?

This might seem like a funny question, but it’s clearly one of the major challenges marketers are currently struggle with. In fact, a recent survey by State of Inbound on over 6200+ respondents from 99 countries reveals that about 61 percent of marketers list ‘generating traffic and leads’ as one of their top challenges.

Technically, these challenges are capable of ruining your key purpose as a marketer if it’s not swiftly fixed; but here are 5 practical ways to skyrocket your startup blog traffic and leads.

Take advantage of podcast:

Doing podcast for your startup is a sure way of skyrocketing your blog traffic. The fact that podcast isn’t hip and fresh as it used to be doesn’t mean its marketing prowess is dead. In fact, research has it that about 73 million people listen to podcast in the United State as at 2018, and this figure is expected to surpass over 130 million by 2020.

While it is wise to implement this tactic, have it mind that its effectiveness depends solely on how attractive and engaging your podcast sounds to hearing. Technically, people tend to listen to informational and educational podcast; so, i’d advise you make your podcast informational and educational.

How do you go about it?

Well, the best way to go about this is by conducting an engaging interview with an expert in your industry.

Let’s take for example, your startup is all about pet maintenance or pet supplement. You can wow the audience listening to your podcast by inviting an expert on pet grooming; discussing the how to’s on keeping their pet strong and healthy etc.

Just imagine the number of attention you’ll get from pet owners — in fact, they’ll be thrilled to visit your blog for more information.

Note: Make sure you use a quality hosting site — it enhances quality podcast record and prevents disappointment.

Killer article does the magic:

Constantly creating a killer article for your blog is another effective way to boost your start up traffic. Creating about 3 or more killer article for your startup every week is one of the surest ways of boosting your blog traffic.

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Why you need killer articles for your startup blog? To mention few..

a.Customers will see your blog as an helpful source.

b.Killer content speaks for itself, in fact, it has the potential of driving potential customers to action.

c.Killer article has the ability to boost the number of subscribers.

d.Quality killer articles earn your blog good ranking on search engines.

e.It’ll serve as an educative link many other bloggers or writers will reference to etc.

Promote your existing content for SEO:

Many startups are either ignorant of this technique or they don’t know of its impact. Whatever is the case, have it in mind that — to get a better result from your already written blog content, you need to promote it.

With the increasing rate of competition online, no matter how helpful or quality your article might look like, your blog can’t get ranked overnight  and be seen on Google’s first page. So, what’s the use of creating such a wonderful article since your target audience can’t access it easily while looking for it.

This is why you need to promote your content using the right SEO strategy. SEO will not only help your blog rank well, it’ll also make it easy for your target audience to discover your content with ease.

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Meanwhile, here are result-driven SEO tips that will help you promote your content;

1.Use the right keyword on the title of your article. Also make sure that it is evenly distributed in the piece. More importantly, your title must be catchy and it must clearly deliver as promise.

E.g If your title is ‘’ 5 SEO tools for startups blog,” your audience expect to read a detailed list of 5 SEO tools that will help thier startups blog thrive, not a post discussing entirely different thing from what the title promised.

2.Leverage Guest blogging: writing for other related blogs in your niche and strategically linking your blog post in the article is another SEO method of promoting your blog content.

Do you want to know more about guest blogging — the do’s and don’ts?

3.Write a killer meta description for your post.

4.Link the older content into the new relevant blog post.

5.Also, make sure you implement long-tail keywords. It is very important.

Leverage email marketing:

Yes, this is another practical way of not only boosting your blog traffic but also establishing a long term relationship with your audience. Make sure your startup blog has the signup box where visitors can seamlessly put in their email address.

With their emails, it will be easy to send them some newsletter about your latest blog post, company news, some opportunities you’ll want your subscribers to partake from and so on.

Note the following:

a.Make sure that you send them newsletter as least once a week.

b.Make sure that the newsletter has a link they can click — to return to your blog.

c.Make sure your email box is hanging at the sidebar of your blog and occasionally pop up while your visitors are reading your article. But make sure a cancellation option is there incase he or she isn’t interested in subscribing.

Don’t forget to network :

Networking another way to boost your blog traffic. As a startup blog, it is important that you do some networking.

Activities like commenting ( reasonable comments and sometimes sharing your own view )on other related blogs in your niche arouses curiosity; before you know it, they click on your blog to learn more about your startup.

You can also interact with bloggers in your niche, letting them know about your startup. And you can as well chat them up on forum sites like twitter, IM, linkedin and even via email. If they find your startup blog very interesting and informative, they might reference people who need related tips to your blog for solution.

In conclusion: Boosting blog traffic for startups isn’t a child’s play. But with the practical ways discussed above, be rest assured of a positive result.

Note: This practical is applicable to any startup — Tech, Health, automobile, shipping, real estate , finance, computing and data security.

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