3 Strategic Steps to Grow a Magnetic-customer Base (Only for Result-driven Businesses)

Growing a magnetic- customer base is one of the challenges faced by small and mid-sized businesses in recent years. Have you ever wondered why tech companies like Apple, Microsoft, Samsung stands out in sales?

It’s simply because they’ve built an influencing and a contagious customer base; which stands their product out among their competitors.

Yes, there are several factors that could hinder your products/services from getting to intended prospects, but still have it in mind that there are result-driven strategies to grow a magnetic- customer base for your business.

First of all, develop a contagious-brand outlook. There is a wise saying that reads ‘’show me your friend and I’ll tell you who you are’’. In this case it’s ‘’show me your brand and I’ll tell you how viral you’ll sell’’.

One key thing that differentiates your business is your brand. It defines your product. In fact, developing a viral customer base is making your brand what people should be talking about. Therefore to earn a fast connection with your prospects, you need to create a connecting brand outlook.

Here are characteristics of a powerful brand outlook.

  • A contagious brand outlook sticks to their consciousness.
  • It summarizes what your product is all about.
  • It’s through branding that your customers get wowed.
  • It’s an actionable way to stay connected.

Next, adopt a unique packaging technique. No matter how precious you think your product is, you need the right packaging technique.

So far, in what manner have you been packaging your product?

Practically, to understand the impact of packaging on products, I’d advice you take a walk this evening to a grocery store and observe customers reaction towards packaging.

Yesterday, I was less busy, so I took a walk to a grocery store to get some ‘provisions.’ Something intriguing surfaced.  I saw a lady heading toward the dipper section and her reaction kept me watching.

Still standing and curious to know why she was actually screaming. So I stopped a worker there, and asked, she said — ‘’she was screaming over a new dipper product.’’ Just that? Yeah. This is really serious, still wondering why she acted that way.

To begin with, I was not interested in the product name but I was moved by her reactions and her reply at the counter — ‘’ I’m going to try this ‘’. I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t stop till her friends know about it. And those friends of hers will also tell their friends — setting a marketing-tree for the new product. Note that this trend was influenced by the unique packaging of a dipper product.

According to the 2015 research on consumer loyalty statistics, 61% of consumers would tell friends and family about their experience while 27% reported that they would sign up to the company loyalty scheme.

Is your packaging technique making your customer talk more about your product? Does it have the ability to drive customers to share with their friends?

Finally, put your customer’s value first. Having your customer’s value in mind is a secret driver in boosting your company’s value. In fact, it triggers some degree of comfort and reliance towards your product /services.

According to the 2016 research on customers loyalty statistics in US, it was estimated that about 52% of customers have switched providers in the last few years because of poor customer service.

To build a magnetic-customer base, your company must guarantee good customer services. The new research from Ovum and Verint systems — surveying over 18,000 consumers in 9 different countries confirms that ‘’almost nine in 10 respondents agree that good service makes them feel more positive about the brand they engage with’’.

Key note: You can’t build a magnetic-customer base if your company or business is not result driven.

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